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Executive Board Members
Lisza L Crisalle, CMO, CFO, CFNS brings more than 25 years experience in marketing, branding and coaching to the fields of health and nutrition. After majoring in Exercise Physiology, she tied in her background in fitness to the business world. With a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing, Lisza continued in the fitness industry as an instructor and trainer for everything from swimming, skiing and martial arts, to aerobics, and indoor cycling.
After breaking out of the corporate world more than 15 years ago to work directly with her husband (internationally recognized nutrition expert, Lucho Crisalle) as the marketing arm of their company: Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc.
While Lucho developed the first and one of the most highly recognized nutrition certification programs on the market (the CEU accredited Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist home study program) and the highly acclaimed, Online What Works Custom Nutrition Software, Lisa helped bring these specialized products to the market, ultimately securing contracts with such corporations as Gold’s Gym International and Max Muscle Incorporated.

However, they realized their passion lied with helping small to medium sized health, fitness, nutrition & wellness businesses and entrepreneurs to create Profitable Lifestyle businesses.  They provide business coaching based on monetizing custom Nutrition Counseling programs and creating competitive advantage with additional streams of income utilizing the software and certification programs.
Through all of this, Lisza and her team realized there was a gap in the industry surrounding business development and education.  And the International Association of Health & Nutrition Business Owners (IAHNBO) was born -  an international business training association dedicated to creating leaders in the art, science, and business of the health, fitness, wellness & nutrition industry.

The IAHNBO is dedicated to enhancing the value of health, fitness, wellness & nutrition professionals and advocating for the profession while creating a community of education to share knowledge and resources.
Lucho Crisalle is a Health & Nutrition Profitability Expert. Lucho specializes in implementing business strategies for health, wellness, fitness and nutrition businesses so that they can achieve even more success by leveraging a highly effective, fully customizable nutrition counseling system.

Lucho brings more than 30 years of experience as a health, wellness, fitness and nutrition expert to his company, Exercie & Nutrition Works, Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Exercise and Sports Sciences from The University of Florida, Gainesville. He held his credentials as a Registered Dietitian from 1997 through 2009.

Lucho is credited with developing world class custom nutrition programs for Americas’ top CEOs, Non-Profit Organizations, multi-million dollar health clubs, and enterprising fitness professionals. He has authored certifications in nutrition for the advancement of personal trainers, coaches and health practitioners worldwide since 2003.

His personal clients often thank him for “demystifying nutrition” and motivating them to achieve life changing results. After placing third in the 1990 Ironman Bodybuilding Competition (a National Qualifying event), he decided to return to school and become a Registered Dietitian instead of pursuing a career as a competitive bodybuilder. He received his Bachelor’s Degree at The University of Florida, Gainesville. Lucho is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a certified Hemispheric Integration™ , Time Line Therapy Practitioner™ and NLP Master Practitioner. Lucho has been coaching individuals on lifestyle enhancement since 1997.
Brian Walker has over 30 years of experience in technology, corporate education and health and fitness industry. He has held senior level strategic position at Gold’s Gym International, Metropolitan Life, Charles Schwab and New York City Health and Hospital Corporation.

In addition, Brian is a Certified Personal Trainer and served on the Board of Advisers for Mens Fitness Magazine for 2 years. Most recently, Brian co-founded a non-profit organization to address substance abuse in adolescents. If you ask him, his greatest lessons in life have come from his son.
Advisory Board Members
Sommer Vega is the executive director and founder of Pocket PR Communications Boutique where she manages a book of national and localclients from government,nonprofit, and private sectors. She brings an accumulation of 20+ years professional expertise in public relations, advertising, digital media, video editing, graphic design, writing and reporting. She holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in English from Spelman College.

Her experience includes being the former Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations at Marietta City Schools where she served as a cabinet member for the Superintendent’s office. In this position, she successfully developed the school system’s brand including the roll out of a streamlined website, mobile app, parent and community mass communications systems, and social media strategy. She was also responsible for content management, event planning, and campaign development. Prior to this position, she was the Communications Project Manager for the GA Department of Education where she implemented several statewide multi-media campaigns including celebrity guest appearances; and conducted digital media trainings at multiple association conferences. In both of her previous roles, she garnered partnerships including the Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, GA First Lady Sandra Deal, the Southeast United Dairy Counsel’s NFL Fuel Up to Play 60, and more.

In addition, Vega worked for the private sector as an Online Recruitment Specialist & Senior Advertising Account Executive at TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications Agency, a former subsidiary company of Monster Worldwide. In this position, she created and sustained advertising campaigns for a book of clients,which consisted of Fortune 500 companies within several industries, included computer manufacturers, retail stores, supermarket chains, and several Magnet Award winning hospitals.

Vega was nominated for the Georgia School Nutrition Award for Effective Public Relations and was selected as the Region I District Director for the Georgia Schools Public Relations Association (GSPRA). In addition, she was chosen to participate inLeadership Paulding; served as a ChamberAmbassador; member of the Paulding Collaborative for Families and Children; and Advisory Board member of UGA’s Cooperative Extension Service.

On a Personal Note: In my personal life, my favorite pass-time is spending time with my husband, Louis and nine year old son, Paul John; participating in church activities, community service, reading, journaling and exercising at Orange Theory Fitness. I enjoy transforming the concepts, dreams, and messages of others into a connected strategic business brand that speaks to the hearts and desire of their community.

My motto is: If you THINK IT; then INK IT, WORK IT, SHARE IT.

Stephanie B. Nielsen Pharm.D., CCN earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) at the University of Nebraska, Medical Center.  Her clinical degree focused on the integration of a multi-disciplinary team approach to innovative patient care.  She has always believed two ideas were better than one as she was responsible for prescribing and managing drug therapy for hospitalized patients.  Upon completing her degree, she began conducting phase 4 human clinical studies on new classes of drugs.  Dr. Nielsen was then recruited into the pharmaceutical industry where she spent the next decade training physicians and other health professionals about health and nutrition.  Dr. Nielsen was a natural teacher and began speaking around the world for top pharmaceutical companies.

After retiring to have children, Dr. Nielsen faced a new challenge after discovering that both of her children were born with numerous food allergies and sensitivities.  No amount of Western medicine healed these issues. In the process of healing her family, she expanded her education base to include integrative and complementary medicine.  She completed a board certification in clinical nutrition (CCN) and returned to her passion of educating and helping others by founding her nutritional healing practice, Wishing You Wellness, LLC. (www.wishinguwellness.com)  

Dr. Nielsen integrates her unique wellness approach using both traditional and less traditional energy medicine techniques to activate her clients innate healing processes.  She specializes in unresolved and persistent issues that many of her clients have found stumped their previous health care providers.    She developed Wellness Rx to reveal personalized wellness prescriptions based on her clients’ unique DNA blueprints.  Wellness Rx provides an in depth food, supplementation, and lifestyle prescription based on each client’s unique make up.  (www.wellnessrx.online)

Dr. Nielsen holds five certifications in energy medicine and is a medical intuitive.  She is able to utilize East West philosophy and folk medicine to enrich her experiences with her clients and her audiences.  As a Mid-West farmer’s daughter, she is acutely aware of the importance of Eco-Wellness and a connection to the land, our food, and our health.  It is only through proper nutrition and education that we can heal our bodies and the earth for a sustainable future.

Besides being a sought-after key note speaker and mistress of ceremonies, Dr. Nielsen’s training videos and web-based media have over a million views.  She has spoken all across the world.  Her special ability to take complicated concepts and translate them into a user friendly and easy to navigate tool for others has gained her a reputation to be a credible expert and communicator.  Because of her powerful teaching style, Dr. Nielsen has been featured on numerous industrial and training videos, Johnson and Johnson, NuWave oven, Moxxor, PatchMD, ShopPal and many more.
Michael Gee, ATC, CEES. Injury Prevention and Recovery Expert.  Mike Gee’s life’s purpose and what would ultimately turn into his career came at an early age following 2 knee surgeries by the time he was 18 years old. With a diagnosis of arthritis and the recommendation for knee replacement at age 27 Mike made a decision that would ultimately change his entire life and would benefit everyone he worked with in his future.

 Mike Gee began his career in Sports Medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer at the University of New York at Buffalo and continued his pursuit in the allied health field at Health South Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Clinic in Denver Colorado. Mike attended Fresno State in California as an Athletic Trainer Graduate assistant and through the experience he was gaining early in his career along with his own personal struggles with knee pain, Mike discovered that the approach and methods toward helping others prevent and recovery from injury had many limitations. Mike saw a tremendous need to deliver his programs and services to those who suffer from chronic pain and injury, along with providing the most relevant corrective approach towards Injury prevention and recovery.

 Mike Gee is a speaker, author and the founder of PRO FIT Solutions and ACM 360 PRO. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association and American Society of Safety Engineers. Mike’s passion for helping others is fueled specifically through his own personal journey in finding the answers to recover from the many injuries he has sustained in his athletic career. His dedication, confidence and certainty come specifically from helping thousands of people recover from chronic pain and remain injury free along with his own personal success stories. Mike has never received a knee replacement and continues a very active lifestyle including mountain biking and running in half marathons.
Sandra J. Shepard, Esq. — Chief Legal & Business Strategist is the founder of good solutions. She is a graduate of the University of California at San Diego, with a Masters in International Affairs from George Washington University. After a successful career in the business arena, she obtained her Doctor of Laws cum laude from Hastings College of The Law, and was a lawyer at what is now the Thelen, Reid & Priest law firm in San Francisco before transitioning in-house.

Sandy worked in the Business Affairs department at LucasArts Entertainment, and as counsel for Mindscape. During her tenure at Mindscape, she worked on hundreds of small to multi-million dollar deals, including securing licenses from Tom Clancy, Stephen King, American Greetings, National Geographic, Beatrix Potter, and Quicken; negotiating OEM, affiliate and localization contracts worldwide; and managing due diligence and other issues during The Learning Company’s acquisition of Mindscape and Broderbund, and Mattel’s $3.5 billion acquisition of The Learning Company. She screened all hard and soft advertising, PR and marketing copy, and worked cross-functionally with marketing, Q/A, product development, sales and operations to develop and implement policies and strategies, and overhauled and combined all agreements and processes after the Mattel acquisition.

She later was General Counsel for GoodHome.com, Scene7, and FurnitureFind.com. She provides immediate, personalized assistance with core legal services and a results-oriented business perspective. Having served as counsel with software and internet companies during the ’90s “dot com” era of start ups, spin-offs, mergers, and acquisitions, she has extensive knowledge and first-hand, in-company experience in the rapidly changing intricacies of business transactions and their legal ramifications. Sandy enjoys speaking and writing on a number of topics; a selected list can be reviewed here.

Sandy is co-inventor of a patent pending art registration system, a trainer for first-time triathletes, and former hot air balloon crew, sound engineer and biplane “batboy” for the Flying Circus Barnstorming Airshow in Bealton, VA. She is an enthusiastic member of numerous non-profits, including two local land trusts, the Association for Intelligence Officers and the Marines Memorial Association. Sandy is a member of the City of Oakland’s Small Business Think Tank, a California State Park Docent, and an Advisory Board Member of the Angel Island Association.
Robyn Bennett - CEO & Founder of The Technology Queen. 

Robyn Bennett has had a passion for technology for as long as she can remember. After working as a receptionist for a medium-sized business who was shutting their doors after 30+ years of service, she was out of a job that she really loved.  She was encouraged by her soon to be ex-employer to put her résumé on a computer instead of typing it on the typewriter.  From her first attempt it was love at first sight and her love affair with computers and technology had begun.

Robyn started studying everything she could get her hands on where computers and technology were concerned and ended up studying computer programming at Lasalle College in Montreal.

Robyn brings a variety of skills and experience to any business, these skills have been gained with over 25 years of experience as an administrative and IT professional for both small and large businesses in a variety of fields.

She has been working online since 2005 having launched her first online business editing videos and creating video montages for families.  She started her successful virtual assistance and telesummit coordination business in 2013.
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